Cello End Pin

$ 340.00

Bowed Acoustics is Introducing a revolution in end pin design that will make your instrument perform better.  We have developed a new end pin design and manufacturing process that we are confident will impress the most discerning performers. We know our design works because we have invested in time consuming testing and development of this product. What should really matter to you is how other cellists are responding when they have installed their new end pins. Take a look at the testimonials and read about the real world results from the people who play.

There are many advantages that Bowed Acoustics have over a typical factory made less expensive end pin.

  • Our end pins are made from high quality stainless steel that is specifically processed for its acoustical properties.
  • We use a hardened steel tip that will stick in any surface and can be easily replaced when needed.
  • Our specially designed housing is made from machined aluminum and developed and tested to compliment the acoustic benefits of the stainless steel rod.
  • The internal split collet clamping system provides a critical solid connection between the rod, housing, and bottom block of your cello. 
  • The tapered Delrin® cone creates an easy installation and custom fit for various end pin holes.
  • We stand behind the quality and construction of our end pins by offering a Lifetime Warranty under normal use to the original owner.
  • Our end pins are made in the USA